Facebook: Rose Butaker
New York, New York


Sex: Female
Looking for: Friendship, Networking
Engaged to: Cal Hockley
Interested in: Men

Activities: Cruising, Critiquing, Country Clubs
Interests: Croquet, Rich Men, Monet and other Fine Artists, Disobeying Mother, Looking down on others, Posing nude


Rose is now Engaged to Cal Hockley

Rose was tagged in 2 portraits.

Rose is… About to board a very longgg cruise with Mother and Cal ..

Rose is… Arrived in the State Room, Cal’s insulting my Monet painting [tool.]  Some people appreciate art.

Ruth is… On the roof deck… Some second class man is staring at me.

Ruth is… Second class man is attempting conversation… quick, status update- avoid awkward moment..

Ruth is… Somewhat intrigued by this starving artist (literally)

Ruth and Jack Dawson are now friends

Jack commented on Ruth’s status,
“Starving artist? Poor rich girl, can’t hack a loogie.”

Ruth Bukater > Rose Bukater:

“Rose, Mother, here, I don’t want to interrupt you and Cal’s affairs……. But we musn’t be late to the dinner hour, ALL of the most important people will be there and you must look decent as you and Cal are going to be the talk of the evening.”

Rose Bukater > Ruth Bukater:
“Mother, this is public. I cannot write you- I don’t want to be late and Cal says he has a gift for me”

Rose is….  H o  l  y   SH!T

Ruth Butaker > Rose Butaker:
“… ;)”
Rose commented on Ruth’s post,
“Mother, sadly enough…this doesn’t satisfy me as it would, you”

Rose is… So misunderstood 😥

Rose is… Running away- an escape- from this life, this emptiness!

Rose is…About to end it all…..

Rose is… AH!!!!!!!!!!

Rose is… alive…………..

Ruth > Jack Dawson
“You’re a very brave man for saving my life last night.. I’m going to a dinner party, it’s only fair you accompany me so I can repay you.. You do have dinner attire , right…….?? : / ”

-Jack liked this

Rose is… Drunk and shredding the floor with Jack at some underground Irish party.

Rose is… Take me to the stars…

Jack is… Not a starving artist, anymore 😉

Rose liked Jack’s portrait:

Ruth Butaker commented on Jack’s photo

Rose is… Not turning back

Jack is… I Didn’t steal the diamond, Rose! YOU KNOW I DIDN’T DO IT!

Rose is…  Stunned.Empty.Confused

Ruth Butaker > Rose Butaker:
“I hate to say I told you so about that dirty thief, Rose!”

Rose is… The boat and my heart are sinking
Ruth Butaker liked this

Rose is… What am I doing!?! Where is Jack!? Where is he being kept!?

Rose Butaker and Cal Hockley ended their Engagement. </3

Rose is… OH my god! Oh MY GOD- FREEZING. And nobody will help me!

Rose uploaded a photo from her mobile uploads:

Rose is… Savd Jack on last surc of powr watr hgh goinundr

Jack is… There’s not enough Lifeboats…

Jack Dawson > Rose Butaker,
“Get on the boat, Rose!”
Rose commented on Jack’s post,
“I’m not going without you!”
Ruth Butaker  commented on Jack’s post
Rose commented on Ruth’s post,
“Oh, go to hell!”

Rose is… Never let go, Jack..